The Death Penalty: A focus on the philosophy behind the use of the death penalty, and how it actually works in practice.

Plea Bargains and the Right to Appeal: Because the appeals process is so complex, you should consult with your lawyer to make an educated decision about the real value of an appeal in your case.

What Happens Before Trial: Your lawyer should be your best possible advocate - understand these pretrial procedures and use them to your advantage.

The 4th Amendment: "I refuse to consent to a search without first seeing a warrant." This phrase is a crucial first step in protecting yourself from unreasonable search and seizure.

Basic Criminal Law Concepts in the US: Find out the true meaning of "You're presumed innocent until proven guilty."

The 5th Amendment: "I refuse to speak to you." Learn why this simple phrase is a powerful key to protecting your 5th Amendment right to silence.

Your Constitutional Rights: Understand your individual rights and how to be your own best advocate when interacting with police.

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